All about me

Hi, I am Suz Holmes – a Kiwi girl raised and living in South Auckland.

This is Me.

This is Me.

My biggest role in life has consisted of raising four fun/loud/busy daughters, alongside that I have been a missionary, wife, caregiver, & widow.  My goal in life is to tell as many people as I can that Jesus is the Way.

  Emerald, Jasmine, Bonnie & Misha

Emerald, Jasmine, Bonnie & Misha


7 thoughts on “All about me

  1. Hi Mrs Holmes,
    I am one of Jasmines friends from Elim and have been reading your blog lately. Thanks for being honest 🙂 It is so humbling to read of such love for our Jesus among the mess of life. It is a real encouragement to me seeing someone who has faced life’s crap yet can see God amongst it. It is an honor to read your thoughts.

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    • It is a privilege and honour to have people read them and be encouraged. I can only give God the glorify for allowing thoughts in my head to actually make sense in written form and for constantly teaching and guiding me. Jesus is truly the way and the answer to everything in life and it is a truly blessed life when He is in control through good times and bad. Bless you tons and please call me Suz!


  2. hey Suz, Fascinating story about you in the baptist – its a long while since we spoke last hey – I remember those easter camps with you and your two friends, but we have spoken since then. I will be reading your book at some time in the very near future – you are such an amazing lady.

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