Book: Missing You -Finding Hope in Hardship

 “I had prayed for change, but when it came in the form of a new diagnoses, we were both completely shattered.  For me, the day of the new diagnosis was a game changer. It was the day I really began questioning what faith is all about. The day I started down a very lonely path of self-discovery.”

Suz Holmes from  Missing You, Finding Hope in Hardship.

Suz and Mark Holmes had been married ten happy years and had four little daughters when at 30 Mark was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.

Suz dodges no bullets in telling the story of the family’s next ten challenging years, holding tight on a roller coaster ride towards widowhood.

As two of the founding  team for Houston-based MXTV, and the subject of several faith-based TV documentaries, Suz and Mark have already inspired many facing grief and loss.

In Missing You, like her soulmate Job, Suz looks God full in the face and with rare honesty demands answers.  She allows us to eavesdrop on an intimate exchange where pride and face-saving have no place.

What emerges is an inspiring story that denies Cancer the Last Word.


What others have said about Missing You…

” A redemptive story of beauty, tragedy, redemption, and more redemption…”

Tim Bisagno, Founder and Host MXTV

“This book tore me to shreds then put me back together even stronger.”

Rob Harley, TV Producer and Author

“Offers encouragement for those going through great adversity.  A must-read for care givers.”

Shelley Haidari, Cross Cultural Worker

An amazing book,  truly faith building and inspirational.
Suz openness and honesty was humbling, rarely have I read anything written with such raw emotion.
This story reminded me that God is faithful even when we don’t feel we are, and He can be trusted in all things.
If you only read one Christian book this year, make it Missing You.
Thank you Suz for sharing your journey with us
God bless you and your girls

Pat from Christchurch


Dawn W. Wrote
Suz is a great inspiration to me. Even though she was going through a terrible time she remained faithful to God.
She showed me its okay to be real with God.
A touching and challenging story. Suz is a woman of great courage.


Sue from Hamilton wrote:

A friend has just lent me his copy of Missing You. Like so many others I am sure,  found it both devastating and uplifting. There is none of us untouched by tragedy or sadness in our lives and to read of your endurance as you battled on is such an encouragement. And your reliance on our Lord, use of those “speaking -to-you-scriptures” and pulling no punches about your feelings as you raved on to God is liberating to say the least!! Yes, your and Marks experience HAS given you a voice….it seems to me that that is a lot of what God gives us in these tough times. A voice for others both as a comfort and a witness

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Mark and Suz