Well, hello there

How are you all?

Here we are in 2020 and what a crazy, unexpected year – this is definitely going to make the history books.

I haven’t ‘blogged’ in the longest time and such a lot has happened. My daughter Emerald was married in January to Izaak and now a beautiful and much loved baby is on the way. The whole family cannot wait for this child to arrive!!

Since becoming a Pastor, life has become incredibly busy and full with great things like: lots of opportunities to encourage others in their faith; and the incredible gift of leading people to the Lord. It has been an amazing four and a half years so far. It has definitely had its challenges, and there have been those days where I declare, “I am quitting!” But this is just the reflex of a slightly impulsive person! (Less impulsive in my old age:)) And then I remember how incredibly blessed I am to do what I do.

But recently I have felt the nudge from the Holy Spirit to write again. 

It came about because I do so much study each time I am asked to preach. Hours of work goes into something that I share for 30 minutes and then that’s it.

I absolutely love studying to preach or teach the word of God. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Because every single time God reveals new things to me; teaches new things to me; often convicts me, and I know I always come away changed from the time that I spent with Him. 

So instead of all this work being a one hit wonder (well hopefully it is) I felt that maybe I could share some of the insights that the Holy Spirit shares with me. That others too might be blessed by the wonder of the things that I am taught as I study the Bible.

I look forward to sharing with any of you that might want to read this! 

Bless you heaps!


PS: The above photo was taken a my 50th birthday just recently with my wonderful family!