By God’s Assistance.

“Deo Juvante” mean’s By God’s assistance.

This is the motto on one of the Wotherspoon clan’s crests.

Wotherspoon is my maiden name.  My ancestors came to New Zealand from Scotland back in the 1860’s.And Scotland is where the Commonwealth Games are being held as I write this very first blog.So as you can imagine Scotland has a very special place in my heart and is one country I have always wanted to go and visit – on my bucket list people!

scotland 5

As I was preparing to write this to encourage others to pray for Scotland at this time, I was blown away by the relevance of the motto of my families crest: By God’s assistance.It has truly and utterly been by God’s and only God’s assistance that this blog is up and running. God brought the right people along at the right time who have lovingly helped and supported me in this process.It is by God’s assistance that I am co-writing my story into a book.  And it will be by God’s assistance that I get to share with you that story and other thoughts on this blog.

But first things first – let’s take this opportunity and join together over the next ten days to pray for Scotland while they host the 20th Commonwealth Games.

  • Let’s pray for blessing for Scotland’s economy and people.
  • Let’s pray for protection over the people – visitors, athletes and locals.
  • And finally let’s pray for those who are using this opportunity to share Jesus and for people to come to know Jesus as their Saviour.

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