Mourning into Joy

It’s Christmas again!

A time of celebration, love, family, friends and giving!


For those of you who are journeying through the death of a loved one and not looking forward to Christmas without them, let me attempt to encourage you with this…

 christmas blog

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ.


The birth of Christ was God in human form coming to live life with us mere humans. He spent his time living a life overflowing with love and compassion – an example for us all.

His perfect life lead him to be the perfect sacrifice for ALL of our sins and wrongdoings making a way for us to have a personal relationship with the Holy God. His totally undeserved and horrific death on the cross, standing in our place and taking on himself the inevitable consequences of our sin, is our salvation.

Then three days later he rose from the dead! Unbelievable and amazing, I know, but He is God! Jesus conquered the power death had over us.

With Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection, we now have a way to eternal life after we cease to exist in this one.

For me personally not only does this mean I have eternal life in heaven when I die, but that my late husband Mark is already there. Mark is there because he believed that Jesus came, died and rose, and because Mark accepted Jesus as the only way to eternal life and made Jesus Lord over his life.


The Bible promises for those who have mourned:

mourning to joy

I have decided to really celebrate Christmas – the birth of my Saviour King, Jesus.


Because His coming means the man I loved is in heaven. Without His coming there would be no hope, but with his coming there is hope, hope and more hope, both in this life and in eternity!

 And that truly does turn my mourning into joy!

 Christmas – Jesus’ birth has given me joy in the most unexpected place – it has given me joy in my grief.

 My prayer is that during this season you find comfort, joy and hope in this too.

Merry Christmas!


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