Mission Impossible

Whenever I read those two words I instantly start humming the well-known theme music and having visions of Ethan Hunt swinging perilously above the floor of the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

So what brought this up you may be wondering, well sometimes I feel like things that God has asked me to do are exactly that – Mission Impossible.  In my mind I start making plans that involve trapeze wire and a team of highly trained masterminds to enable me to accomplish the task ahead.

It’s not the first time (nor I dare say will it be the last) that God has given me a mission that is beyond my capabilities or resources.

Welcome to Poland!

Welcome to Poland!

When we travelled to Europe doing missions with the band, The Friendly’s, we never had any money to pay for the airfares and yet after a lot of prayer, faith and hard work raising awareness and support for our mission, the Lord always provided exactly the amount that was needed to pay for our airfares and extra luggage costs that always accompany a touring band.

The years of being caregiver for Mark were pretty much Mission Impossible but as I undertook the everyday tasks involved, God gave me the supernatural strength to keep on going.

2003 The day to day "Mission Impossible" of caring for Mark

2003 The day to day “Mission Impossible” of caring for Mark

There are many days when raising my daughters feels like Mission Impossible, but the bible says God gives wisdom to those who ask* making yet another assignment possible.

So you might be wondering what my ‘mission’ that seems impossible is at the moment, well it’s getting my book finished.  It was all very well and good writing it, but now we have to tidy it up, get a copy editor to fix it up, find a title that works and work on the cover.  Not to mention figuring our way around all the computer stuff involved in publishing an Ebook.  (Don’t even know what that is called so we will call it computer stuff for today.)

But seeing as I have been in this spot before, I do have some idea what I need to do, and that is: do the possible so that our incredible amazing God can do the impossible.

I love the story of Peter’s escape from prison found in the Bible in the book of Acts chapter 12.  Peter, a disciple of Jesus although by the extra security around him you would have thought he was some dangerous criminal, was in chains sound asleep awaiting trial the next morning for preaching about the resurrected Jesus.  Like an epic movie scene a bright light appeared in the cell and there stood an angel of the Lord. Apparently the dramatic entrance was not enough to wake Peter so the angel hit him in the side and yelled, “Quick, get up!”  Unbelievably the chains around Peter’s wrist fell off, then the angel instructed Peter to get dressed, put on his sandals, put on his cloak and follow him.  Peter dutifully obeyed thinking he was having an awesome dream and the angel led him out of the cell, passed all the guards, even the two that were beside Peter, through one gate and then another gate right up to the big iron gates that opened to the city.  Peter followed the angel out and then the angel vanished and it says in verse 11, Peter finally came to his senses. “It’s really true!” he said. “The Lord has sent his angel and saved me from Herod…”

Its all about taking the possible stepsNow what I always noticed about this amazing story was that Peter had to do the possible; he had to get up, put on his shoes, clothes and cloak and he had to move his legs and walk.  The angel did not miraculously dress him or carry him but the angel of the Lord did do the impossible.  He was Peter’s very own highly trained team because he appeared in a locked and secure prison, made the chains around Peters wrist fall off (didn’t even have to pick the lock – so cool!) and somehow blinded all the guards and then opened all the impenetrable gates.

Peter did the possible and the angel of the Lord did the impossible.

This is the plan for everything that Jesus puts on our hearts and gives us the passion to do.  We must do the possible – so I must write the book! God has already provided a small team of incredible and talented people to aid this mission and between us we must organise and figure out scary websites so that God can do the impossible by guiding us through the websites and giving us the creativity and inspiration we need and ultimately use the book to encourage others in their own journey through life and the trials that can come.

When we were organising the band’s tours and missions trips we had to do the possible of praying, believing in faith, raising support, booking plane tickets and packing, and then God did the impossible and paid the airfares.

1992 -Leaving for Amsterdam after watching God do the impossible and make a way for us to serve him with Youth With A Mission

1992 -Leaving for Amsterdam after watching God do the impossible and make a way for us to serve him with Youth With A Mission

It’s all about taking the possible steps.

So this is to encourage all you wonderful folk out there to do the possible to reach your dreams and desires that God has put on your heart, have the faith to believe, and then sit back and watch God do the impossible.

As the voice from the little box that will self-destruct in five seconds says, “your mission should you choose to accept it….”

Choose to accept it!!! It is truly an exciting way to live!!!

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible,
but with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26 New International Version (NIV)
Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen;
it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.
Hebrews 11:1 New Living Translation (NLT)
If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you.
James 1:5 New Living Translation (NLT)

Best Band Ever!


In the mid 1990’s Mark and I had the opportunity of living in Houston working with Mission X a ministry aimed to reach Generation X through music. Part of the Mission X ministry wasa band called the Friendly’s of which Mark was the guitarist, Tim Bisagno was singer, Marty Durlam was drummer and later Stephen Pether joined us as bass player but at the beginning we had quite a few temporary bass players.  In the early days of establishing Mission X and getting the band known, they played a gig at First Baptist Church Houston, where Tim’s father was the senior pastor.

The Friendlys in action

The Friendlys in action

It was a gig to raise awareness and funding for the band and Mission X. Our mission was to use music as a medium to tell others about Jesus and take this music and message to the world; in particular to pubs, clubs, festivals and prisons.  The band played well and gave it all they could. The music was loud and quite heavy and definitely not the typical music heard at First Baptist Church.

What made this gig a lasting memory was the response at the end of the show. People were coming up to us and saying things like, “Wow, you guys are the best band I have ever heard!” “That was

The Friendlys  L to R  Marty Durlam, Stephen Pether, Tim Bisagno, & Mark Holmes

The Friendlys L to R Marty Durlam, Stephen Pether, Tim Bisagno, & Mark Holmes

awesome; you are going to make it so big!” “Can’t wait for you to put an album out!”

Mark and I were taken by surprise by this incredible encouragement (but of course didn’t believe a word of it). However, it was still super exciting to hear and super encouraging.

I remember thinking that maybe this is why Americans do so well at everything they set their minds and hands to. Maybe it’s inbred in them to be each other’s cheerleaders and to inspire each other to go bigger and do better and to constantly praise successes no matter how small.  We left that gig that evening thinking we could do anything and go anywhere, that this band could actually conquer the world for Jesus.

This memory has never left me, and as much as I can I have tried to be like those Texans that night. One of my dear friends is a natural cheerleader. To her everyone is amazing, looks fantastic and is brilliant at all they do. It has been a true blessing to be on the receiving end of that sort of friendship.

 Jesus said;

And as you would like and desire that men would do to you, do exactly so to them.

Luke 6:31 (Amplified Bible)

We all want to be told; you’re are doing a great job, or that painting you did was beautiful, that song you sang was amazing, that university paper you got a B in was a fantastic effort or that outfit you just bought is stunning.

No one wants to hear; that painting has too many dark colours, you sang a bit out of key, an A would have been better, or that shirt is too bright.

I have learnt there is incredible lifegiving power in our words and when we speak them into others’ lives we actually have the ability to make or break a person.

As the bible says,

“Words kill, words give life.
They’re poison or fruit – you choose.”
Proverbs 18:21 (The Message)

Isn’t that the truth!

My parents in law, David and Val, have just spent three months in Austin Texas staying with Mark’s brother and his family. One day David was talking to a neighbour about his future plans and he said to David without any pride and very matter of fact that he was studying so one day he could become President.

David said what impressed him about this statement was he actually believed he could. This young man had been brought up to believe he could do anything he had set his mind to. He had been encouraged to aim for his dreams.

This blog and my book (which is in the process of being edited) are acts of obedience to what I believe God has asked of me, but I can tell you now they would not have even got started without the constant encouragement of friends and family who kept saying that I could do it and that I did have something to share with the world.

Being a cheer leader and an encourager does not come naturally to this Kiwi girl, but the more I have practiced it the better I have become at it and the more natural it has become. Also the bonus of encouraging people comes when I see their faces light up.

Bonnie at Cheerleading Champs.

Bonnie at Cheerleading Champs.

I want to be the mum who tells her girls they are amazing and can do anything they want. I want to be the friend who says, ‘you look gorgeous’. I want to be the church member who tells the pastor their message was great or tells the youth pastor they are doing a great job. I want to encourage family, friends, and even acquaintances to go for their dreams, and to make life happen.

Let’s all follow Jesus’ suggestion and “Do to others as you would like them to do to you.”But let’s do it with our words because all of us really do want to be encouraged and praised.

And maybe, just maybe, that word of encouragement or praise will spur another on to be obedient to what God has asked of them.  How awesome to give someone that much needed boost to take a step towards their dream and purpose.